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What is the hardest Ab Exercise to do?


Point Placement #2

I want to know what you think is the toughest Ab Exercise! Is it the “Plank”, Straight Legged Leg Lifts, V ups, Reverse Crunch, come on tell me what you think is tough. Once I get a list, I will add The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner to the exercise to see if it makes the exercise easier, BETTER or even tougher! And I will make a drawing too!

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Author: The RollerSizeR Fit Club

Author Strollercize® The Workout For New Mothers. Inventor of The RollerSizeR® Portable Ab Toner and an Online Personal Trainer in The RollerSizeR Fit Club

2 thoughts on “What is the hardest Ab Exercise to do?

  1. Do you do Facebook. Find me here as I have a Private Club and going to start to do LIVE VIDEOS.


  2. Hello again Liz ! wonderful to know you are still at it . Please make time to write us ( David’s mom & dad.. 91 & 87) all-out your life in Seattle and your big wonderful family! love, R & M


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