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Making Ab Exercises Easier By Taking Away The NECK!

Grabbing your neck with your hands to do Abs, is like doing NECK UPS! The arms and hands add extra weight to your head and neck, making it harder to do a basic crunch. The arms have weight and so does the head! Especially if you have a BIG EGO! Just kidding!

I see many trainers in the gym, showing their clients to cross their hands across their chest so as to make the crunch easier. Why? Because bringing the hands to the chest takes away the weight of the arms on the neck.  But you still have a Ten to 15 pound HEAD to lift up with your ABS! So the next thing I see is the trainer supporting the client’s neck with THEIR hands. Helping the client bring their head up to do a sit up! Oh? Who is getting the workout here, the client or the trainer? I have seen trainers use a towel but the towel is usually too short to allow the arms to be in alignment with the elbow and it just acts like HANDS. The other way to help the client with getting stronger abs is to have them start sitting up and slowly lean back into a C curve, pulling in on the abs while keeping the hands out straight, out like a zombie. The client rounds down till where they feel the abs start to engage and when they get tired, they sit up or collapse to the floor. That does work! I used this a lot when I was a personal trainer without the RollerSizeR.  Pilates does this with the “Hundreds” using the arms to flap up and down creating core tension. But there is usually a lot of neck involved in this too!

Most of us want to have toned, sexy abs. A waistline that is defined. We want stronger abs and be able to target our abs without straining our back or neck!  Yes? But if you have NO ABS and your Gut is mushy and weak, how are you going to lift your head without straining your neck? Getting out of bed must be tough too? You need a helper! Here is where The ROLLERSIZER® comes into play. It acts like a lightweight portable Ab Roller. It supports the neck and allows the client to use their arms in proper alignment of the elbow bringing the weight of the arms to the core and also using the arms to lift the head. No neck strain. In fact there is a two for one fitness bonus here, you get biceps and a little arm tone too!  Clients that have NO core strength, a bad neck or lower back can now have a little helper and allow them to work on their core strength without that neck strain.

In the Video Below (There are two) One with a client and one I am explaining why the neck should not be involved in crunches.  The client in the first video is able to be on a big ball, balance his torso with his legs and be able to get a great crunch and oblique twist crunch with focus on his Middle Deck. The trainer asks where do you feel it. If your clients says in my gut, that is where it should be. NOT THE NECK.

In the RollerSizeR course, the Instructor or “PRAC” as we call them, breaks the Six Pack or Abs into decks on the Titanic: Upper Deck (Up by the ribs), Middle Deck (Midriff part of the core), Lower Deck (Right at the Belly Button and around) and the lower abs we call the HULL! Toughest place to target and a hot place to work. Please do NOT be sad if you think of the Titanic, just think of feeling like you can Fly now that you know you can target your Abs and Fly Fit! No NECK ABOUT IT!