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Day #11 Take “Sigh Of Relief” from Sciatica!

Please NOTE: This blog was written at the end of February 2014. My Dad was still here, “BUTT”, he passed only a few months after, and I never posted this BLOG. This Blogger put her fitness life aside to help her Dad be FIT and Ready for those last days on planet Earth. But now it is time to POST as it is a good learning lesson for those with Sciatica or a pain in the BUTT! It just has to be POSTED as now that it has been five months, I can actually look at it and smile and NOT cry. My Dad, loved The RollerSizeR®! It made me feel so good to get his affirmation as he really liked what The RollerSizeR did for his Sciatica. It is hard to explain the power and the results received with “Two Balls” and a “Long large Tube to the average JOE or JANE.

I miss my 365 days BLOG, but that is OK. I am back at it and will catch up on so many new moves with The RollerSizeR®. But here in this post, My Dad, Mr Chaney of West Seattle WA,  explains how positioning the RollerSizeR in the lower back can release the nerve that can cause sciatic pain. The RollerSizeR only does not take it away as you still need to do your stretches and change bad postures to better help sciatica GO AWAY!

Life is amazing! One Day at a time. Be so grateful for getting up and attacking a healthy day. My Dad did that, by first, having a HAPPY way about him. Even when he had Sciatica and later the pains of Cancer, he always had a twinkle and a smile. I believe  fitness does not just have to be about the body and LOOKING Good,  But it counts to feel good! Have a smile and a happy face and mental attitude too. Be FIT and Be Perky, Be Up, Be Alert, Laugh have fun, loving, caring, forgiving and if you can put a little twinkle in your eye, you are going to have a Marvelous Day!

It was NOT easy being a Fitness Instructor Blogger/Sitting on my Ass all day and getting up and down all night taking care of my DAD. But one thing is for sure, he was right! The RollerSizeR® right behind my back in my office chair makes props me up, makes be feel perky while I am BLOGGING and writing.  I am working on the twinkle. My Dad had said that maybe I could bring the RollerSizeR® to West Seattle?  Well, DAD,  I am and I did and I Thank You for bringing this West Seattle girl back home!” I am finding great joy and lots of fun, hearing the students moan and groan as their RollerSizeR attacks their guts and maybe their butts! My classes are at Fitness Revolution By Jill in the Alaska Junction (See Address).

I am taking a Sigh Of Relief that the hard part is over, but the future is “Two balls and Big Roller” that seems to Roll Away the pain and maybe, put a TWINKLE in my EYE! 




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AddThis – Get likes, get shares, get followers

AddThis – Get likes, get shares, get followers.

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Rolls upon Rolls upon Rolls of…

When your breasts rest on your rolls, you know you have a problem. The fat is stacking up and you better get a grip because it will begin to multiply and you will find yourself shoving fat in your pants. The worst is when you get the fat stuck in your zipper.  You need to face up to the fact you are getting fat! Now I can say this because I got fat and I was a fat trainer. I use to say because I put a nail in my eye but that was three years ago. Now what is the excuse?  I have descriptions of fat that would make you laugh. I remember shoving fat into my bra just filling up empty spaces and when that was too full the rest of me came out of my exercise top from all sides.

Do you have fat descriptions? Come on share. Do not get depressed. Because you can heat this stuff up and it will melt away. You need to get hot, sweat, burn and do it everyday for twenty minutes. Here is a list of things you can do to melt your rolls and watch them roll away.

  • 20 minutes of a wild ride in the hay
  • 20 minutes of pitching some hay
  • 20 minute square dance and do si do
  • 20 minute  fast walk around the farm
  • 20 minutes running after some chickens or kids
  • 20 minutes of  laundry at the river
  • 20 minutes churning the butter
  • roll the dough and bake some cookies (with your RollerSizer)
  • buy exercise equipment that mimics these actions and use it for 20 minutes, like kettle bells.
  • 20 minutes of not stop housework
  • 20 minutes sitting in a hot room on one leg and call it Bikram Yoga!

Twenty minutes a day, warm up, sweat and watch your rolls roll away!


This book is great for tips on how to stay healthy. Strollercize is on page 116!

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Finding Your Waist In The Middle of The Fat Pile!

One day you are dancer thin. Life is size six, waist 26 and your 5’6″ and skinny jeans are the only thing you know. Then one day, you notice the skin around your middle is rolling over your stretch jeans. You do not even know how it got there and now you are tucking the rolls into your pants.

Trainers out there, tell us to weigh ourselves once a week, some of you everyday. But I think you should  measure your waist once a month. We spend a lot of time on our cardio machines, watching everything we put in our mouth but I believe you need to watch that waistline. It needs as much attention as your heart. So love your tummy and workout the middle and make it behave! It needs to feel the burn. So belly up this New Year and get to the gut of your matter.

Somewhere over the rainbow is your waistline.

Somewhere over the rainbow is your waistline.