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Making Ab Exercises Easier By Taking Away The NECK!

Grabbing your neck with your hands to do Abs, is like doing NECK UPS! The arms and hands add extra weight to your head and neck, making it harder to do a basic crunch. The arms have weight and so does the head! Especially if you have a BIG EGO! Just kidding!

I see many trainers in the gym, showing their clients to cross their hands across their chest so as to make the crunch easier. Why? Because bringing the hands to the chest takes away the weight of the arms on the neck.  But you still have a Ten to 15 pound HEAD to lift up with your ABS! So the next thing I see is the trainer supporting the client’s neck with THEIR hands. Helping the client bring their head up to do a sit up! Oh? Who is getting the workout here, the client or the trainer? I have seen trainers use a towel but the towel is usually too short to allow the arms to be in alignment with the elbow and it just acts like HANDS. The other way to help the client with getting stronger abs is to have them start sitting up and slowly lean back into a C curve, pulling in on the abs while keeping the hands out straight, out like a zombie. The client rounds down till where they feel the abs start to engage and when they get tired, they sit up or collapse to the floor. That does work! I used this a lot when I was a personal trainer without the RollerSizeR.  Pilates does this with the “Hundreds” using the arms to flap up and down creating core tension. But there is usually a lot of neck involved in this too!

Most of us want to have toned, sexy abs. A waistline that is defined. We want stronger abs and be able to target our abs without straining our back or neck!  Yes? But if you have NO ABS and your Gut is mushy and weak, how are you going to lift your head without straining your neck? Getting out of bed must be tough too? You need a helper! Here is where The ROLLERSIZER® comes into play. It acts like a lightweight portable Ab Roller. It supports the neck and allows the client to use their arms in proper alignment of the elbow bringing the weight of the arms to the core and also using the arms to lift the head. No neck strain. In fact there is a two for one fitness bonus here, you get biceps and a little arm tone too!  Clients that have NO core strength, a bad neck or lower back can now have a little helper and allow them to work on their core strength without that neck strain.

In the Video Below (There are two) One with a client and one I am explaining why the neck should not be involved in crunches.  The client in the first video is able to be on a big ball, balance his torso with his legs and be able to get a great crunch and oblique twist crunch with focus on his Middle Deck. The trainer asks where do you feel it. If your clients says in my gut, that is where it should be. NOT THE NECK.

In the RollerSizeR course, the Instructor or “PRAC” as we call them, breaks the Six Pack or Abs into decks on the Titanic: Upper Deck (Up by the ribs), Middle Deck (Midriff part of the core), Lower Deck (Right at the Belly Button and around) and the lower abs we call the HULL! Toughest place to target and a hot place to work. Please do NOT be sad if you think of the Titanic, just think of feeling like you can Fly now that you know you can target your Abs and Fly Fit! No NECK ABOUT IT!



What is the hardest Ab Exercise to do?

Point Placement #2

I want to know what you think is the toughest Ab Exercise! Is it the “Plank”, Straight Legged Leg Lifts, V ups, Reverse Crunch, come on tell me what you think is tough. Once I get a list, I will add The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner to the exercise to see if it makes the exercise easier, BETTER or even tougher! And I will make a drawing too!

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The Green Light in life, turns Red.

As you can see from my updates, I have NOT blogged or even written one POST for over two years! Why? Because my life took a huge turn in the summer of 2013 (STOP LIGHT) when I went to “Visit” my Dad in Seattle. Instead of “Sleeping in Seattle”, I got “Stuck” in Seattle. It was not a bad thing, but if you are anxiously running  your business, Strollercize® Academy and The RollerSizeR® Invention, have two kids in NYC and another in Grad School in San Jose, well, this visit was not in MY LIFE plans. My big Selfish ME plans were coming to a STOP. Read on, as hopefully you will understand that a  Red Light in your life does not really mean STOP.

They say writing is good therapy. So, here goes!  If I was telling this story to my therapist in NYC, this session would be about $500.00! Back to “Stuck in Seattle”. I came to visit my Dad in Seattle for a Family Reunion Summer 2013. Dad had 11 kids in his family so, there are 39 of us cousins! Each of us has two to three kids so this party was going to be HUGE! But before we drove to Portland for the event. Dad had a doctor’s visit and wanted me to go!

I hate doctors!  I usually faint the moment I enter the office or before I even go to the office! I have been that way since I was a little girl. But, hey, I had not seen my Dad for a couple of years and I wanted to be strong for him. I pulled myself together and would stay by his side as long as I could stand. Dad drove and we headed downtown to a “Grey’s” Anatomy! Up on the hill, beautiful structure and really beautiful doctors in hot scrubs! No fainting here! Everyone was young, gorgeous and well, eye candy for the old gal! We got to the top floor and Dad started walking into a Plastic Surgeons office!  WHAT? My 87-year-old Dad was going to have Plastic Surgery! Is this what happens when you have an aging Dad, who has a house full of young college students from Asia. Was he that happy as a Host Father. My Dad hosted more parties than being a Father! But, one thing is for sure, he was so happy at the age of 87!  So, why were we at a Plastic Surgeon’s office?  Was my Dad getting a face lift or another kind of lift? Now I felt like fainting! With a deep breath we entered the examining room and waited for the “Plastic Surgeon”! In moments a beautiful, slender, sweet, smart, kind, female doctor came in and said, “Hello Mr. Chaney” how are you doing today?” “Oh, no”, I thought, “they know each other!” This visit was getting creepy! Dad removed his shirt and there is was, the largest, mass of purple flesh on his right shoulder. Dad had let a skin cancer grow to the size of a baseball. I wish I had passed out at this time and carted off by a “Grey’s Anatomy” cutie! But GOD somehow gave me super power and I just sat there and stayed calm, cool and showed no emotion.  “Mr. Chaney we need to have this surgery this week”. Dad said, “Well, can we do it after our Family Reunion?” She understood and made arrangements for the surgery for the following week. My Dad, leaned forward from the examination table and looked at me with his big blue eyes and said, “DO NOT TELL ANYONE!  I looked at my Dad as if this tumor had already taken his mind. Not tell my sisters? Really? But, I promised. It was than, I knew, MY LIFE, MY DREAMS, MY WAY,  was going to STOP. I was waiting to hear from Shark Tank after submitting my five-minute video (See below). They did not call back, WHY? Because The RollerSizeR was now going to take a longer wait at the STOP Sign of life. The RollerSizeR, Strollercize and living in Florida were going to take a back seat, let’s just say the TRUNK. This RED light was going to be a long one!

Taking care of a parent in their last months, days and weeks of life is NOT easy. It is physical and mental. During those months, I had very little sleep and since the house was “Booked” with all of his “Students” I slept on a blowup in the livingroom.  At night I had to keep him safe, no bed sores and be at his beck and call. I had to keep my upper body strong to lift him. I had to use a strap to pull him up to get in and out of the wheel chair. I used The RollerSizeR a lot those days too. Dad used it to prop his head up in bed and we also used it to help him sit up! I found so many more uses for The RollerSizeR during that time. I learned more about being a personal trainer than all my 28 years of being a One To One Fitness Guru in NYC. The lessons I learned made me a better trainer!

Dad wanted to pass away at home. That meant No falling, No germs and hopefully as little pain as possible. It also meant taking care of his “House Tenants”. I was cleaning, cooking and handling everything. Dad also knew, deep inside, I had STOPPED my life. Dad told me as time was coming to an end,  you better get that RollerSizeR® going! Your Strollercize Moms and Trainers need you! Get Frank out here.  He will like Seattle. (Frank is my long time boyfriend)!

My Father passed peacefully in my arms, at home, no drugs, just a lot of prayer, peace and Faith. In his last breath, my Dad un-wind like his Grandfather clock. He was transported to a place. I actually felt his spirit leave. He chose to go right at our Wine Hour. 6:35pm. With a toast, my sister and I prepared his body to lay in state at his home, exactly where he wanted to be before he went to Heaven.  I placed the RollerSizeR under his chin, to keep the chin up. Brought the bed blanket up close to his chin so no one would see it, (just the angels). He looked so handsome. I straightened his shirt, placed his hands, feet straight and my sister combed his hair. He was surrounded by lilacs. The next day Dad and The RollerSizeR were taken from the home to be buried in Tahoma National Cemetery, WWll vet.

The Light Turned Green……

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When the Butt Talks and Shapes Up with The RollerSizeR®

Video at the “Bottom” of the blog post.

It seems these days, it’s all about the BUTT.  Back in my day, women, girls were told to be sort of afraid of having a BUTT. Especially if you have two cheeks that stick out and are shapely and full. We were taught to keep our tushes tucked and glide across the floor in a pencil skirt.  Swinging those buns? NOT that kind of girl!

Well, they were wrong, get ready to flaunt the derriere.  Kim’s’, Nikki’s and The Jennifer’s out there are not afraid to flaunt, stick it out and wear that derriere with full throttle glory.

But what if the butt is spreading to territories outside of the realm of shapely? What if the butt has flattened to a flat pancake or even worse, disappeared. What if your gluts have gone to the gutter and you can’t dig them out. What if you grab your Ass and your hands get lost in a fleshy mesh of loose skin? Should I go on? What if you actually have no muscle in your Butt. Your back will for sure start hurting!  Sitting on a chair all day you are like an Ass Press.

It is time to grab that Butt that may be the size of a Pasta Bowl, take it, hold it and wrap your hands around each cheek and have a Talk! Time to Butt Talk and Tone and communicate to your tush that you and Marilyn Monroe have something in common. Buttdorableness. Are you excited.

In this video, I am using the RollerSizeR Toner. I put it under my knees so my hamstrings get a grip of it. I would start with 25 pulses and work up to 50. Need a RollerSizeR, get yours HERE and it comes with a 15 minute online training with Lizzie Fit and team.


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The RollerSizeR® Ab Tool, is so in Fashion!

What does a “Fit” person look like?  They usually are wearing exercise clothes, carrying a rollerd up yoga mat under their buff arm, a fancy water bottle and sporting a walk that has a serious attitude. Did I get it right? Maybe I missed the coffee they are holding in that “third” hand and those super bright high tech feet wear! There Got it!  Well, move over “Fashion Fitness Freaks” there is a new look in town, especially here in West Seattle, WA!

I came from NYC late 2013 to take care of my Dad in West Seattle till his passing mid 2014. To keep my mind off all the sadness, I starting this blog thinking I would be able to post daily. Wrong. But after getting my RollerSizeR game on, I started teaching a specialty fitness classes with my best fit friend, The RollerSizeR. The class is called The Waist Away Workout™ and I teach it at Fitness Revolution with Jill in the West Seattle Junction, at the West Seattle Track and sometimes at my Dad’s house.

I was not to sure how it would go over as the concept is so new and The RollerSizeR is not known on the fitness scene, YET! Also, the poor RollerSizeR has it’s draw backs.  It looks like a dog toy!  But, I have actually gotten a few clients cause it looks like a dog toy! That being said, how do you sell a fitness class that uses a “Dog Toy” looking device? How do I send the message that this “Dog Toy”can take a serious bite out of the belly? Not Easy!

When first timers come into take my Waist Away class they give me a weird look. They look at me first and think, she is going to teach Ab fitness classs? First I do not look like a typical trainer. I also do not sport fitness shoes. I wear shoes with a bit of a heel, skirt or skort and always a baseball cap to control my fly away hair.  They probably think I am not a very good trainer. I  throw the new victim my “Dog Toy” (The RollerSizeR), they look at it, look at me, and I see it in their eyes, where is the exit sign. The regulars, the recruited, the believers are in class with their RollerSizeRs placed perfectly under their waistlines. They are waiting for the “Crunching Commands” from the leader of the pack, the six pack, The RollerSizer Certified Instructor, ME. The new comers are worried.

Throw those legs over your face and catch a stretch!

What they do not know is The RollerSizeR is going to take a bite, big ones, tiny ones all around the meat of their middle. They are going to get “Waisted”. I continue to go from one exercise to the next chewing, devouring and eating up their waistlines. We are now into the class five minutes and clothes are coming off. It is a sweaty fit fest and bellies are burning and the weapon of waist destruction, The RollerSizeR has a grip of their guts. The class ends. They join. But how do I get more!

The only way to get to these Seattle folks is to get them into just one class. They  just need one bite. I just need to tie them up in a RollerSizeR pretzel stretch and I will have them like Cujo, trapped in my RollerSizeR clutch.

Fitness is like a fad here, well actually anywhere, NYC is probably the proven place where new fitness programs get a launch. Strollercize started in NYC and The RollerSizeR was tested in Strollercize and the Moms loved it. But here in Seattle, the folks are a bit different. I have to be careful cause I am one of them. The people here are more reserved, more to themselves, a bit cold. They call it the   I “Seattle Freeze”. Yep, if you are not in their click, you are not in the groove. One has to really break into the scene.  Everyone is in their own world and has their own friends and most likely their own fitness workouts in place. How do I make The RollerSizeR fashionably “Fit?  A Must Have, Super Chic & Cool, the Wow “Thingy”. How?

It will mean making a statement, making it “In Fashion”, a “Must Have”. This is the town that fashions itself on innovation, great ideas, lots of firsts here too; Starbucks, Cosco, Zuilly, Boeing, Microsoft,  and yes, The RollerSizeR wants to join the group!

I do have Tool!  My fiance!  Pictured below is a Connecticut lad that moved to Seattle for me, since I was not moving back to the east coast. He dresses in pink, blue stripes and always has a sweater over his shoulders! But, not today! He has gone “Classic Fit Fashion”! He is the model of fashion and fitness! He has the look and look at those shoes! My plan, send him out dressed to kill and hope people will say, “I love your out “Fit”! He will say “Thank You” and do you love my handles! My fiance comes to most of my Waist Away Classes and he has found his 32in waistline!

Move over Yoga mats, Pilates Wheels, Medicine Balls, Ab Rollers and Kettle Bells , The RollerSizer draped over the shoulders is ready to melt your “Berg” around your belly and get your Waisted and high on fitness! FashON!

Just throw it over your shoulders like a sweater! Just throw it over your shoulders like a “Sweat”er!


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