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A New Fitness Device That is A Gym In A Bag

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I am starting my Fitness Blog ‘Re-Birth’ Resolution early, today, The Day After Christmas 2019. Not waiting for the 1st as Today is Fit For Me to begin my New Online Gym for The RollerSizeR! The journey has been log. Just read the past posts and how overweight this personal trainer got herself to be. This journey has long and even lately I want to stop. But, I can’t because The RollerSizeR works. My issue is ONLINE Social Media is a Monster to contend with and well, I have to find the DAVID in me. Nothing comes easy. But if God has given you a Gift, you have to learn how to unwrap it and get it OUT there for others to play with it and use it. This crazy looking tool, took away all my hip and low back pain after a dislocated hip. It also helped me lose 40 pounds after I put a Nail In My Eye. The RollerSizeR became a better and more useful tool, while I was caring for my Dad in Seattle. It helped me get this BLOG going. It again helped me lose weight after I gained weight from depression losing my Dad to heaven. The RollerSizer has prevented me from any major injuries while I take on an aggressive tennis playing lifestyle (When NOT training in the Club). I am Fitter in my 60’s than I was in my 40’s, because of this Tool. Those that have purchased the RollerSizeR and are using it regularly, are getting FAST results. I am working on my First Newsletter, that should have gone out a year ago, but not enough TIME. That is where this BLOG is going! Finding TIME to GET FIT.
As we approach the New Year, 2020, I get excited as a Fitness Instructor, as I know that everyone will want to ramp up their fitness goals for the coming New Year.  I also know that most will not keep their goals to the end of January. WHY?
Because Fitness and Getting Fit is not easy and it takes TIME. That is why we have a serious obese problem in our country. They say that in 2030 that more than half of our population will be OBESE. How sad, when you think there are more fitness trainers and gyms on every block. Cross Fit is just about in every little town in America. As well, as LA Fitness, Orange Theory, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, Equinox and Planet Fitness to name a few. There are Studios popping up, Bikes, Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Pump and Grind (Just kidding) and now there is a Stretching Gym. WOW! But they all have one thing in Common. You go to go there! Our new world is in a PHONE. Have you notices all the cocked necks looking down at their phone! My initial are E.T. Exercise Teacher, Elizabeth Trindade and yes, I love that moves. But like ET teaches us, it is all in our hearts. Fitness has to come from the Heart of it and it has to be Easy to get to, because no one has TIME. 
Here is what I think makes getting FIT tough. It takes TIME to get to the gym. Thirty minutes to get there. One hour to do all that you THINK you should do;  Machines, Free Weights (Scary), Classes or jump on a Treadmill that is no different than taking a WALK or RUN. After most folks take a shower or NOT and head home, another 30 minutes or most likely you will be distracted and go to the grocery store.  That is a big chunk of your day and I will not even ask what you bought at the store!
 I have taught fitness classes and been a one to one personal trainer for 30 years. I’v seen the trends, I see crazy stuff done in a gym with a trainer. Even worse those without a trainer. For instance, like having a older person, like my age, stand on a Half Ball and balance while holding weights? Yeh, that is a for sure LIFE MOVE if you live in California during a Earth Quake. We will talk about ‘Life Moves’ later. But what I am seeing is a lot of Waisted and lost TIME trying to search for the Goal to be FIT. 
My job as a personal trainer was to rescue my client with fitness at their homes or at the gym and sometimes I would take them to the park. I was to motivate, create and anticipate their needs to get fit. Help them, lose weight with fun cardio. Tone up using weights, bands, the lasted new Tool. Recover after an injury with a Big Ball, Pillow or the resistance of my hand. It I did not make it fun, they would quit. Clients do not want to think about what to do. They let you dictate the moves. They follow along like watching You Tube. You Tube is So big these days, I do not know how busy I would have been back then. Just saying.  It was lucky that I was a good trainer back than, but NOW I am even better because I have the Magic Get Fit FASTER TOOL. The RollerSizeR. But here is where TIME comes in. 
The RollerSizeR has its own ONLINE CLUB. So you can get it FIT anywhere, anytime, using your PHONE. Which most people now live ON THEIR PHONES. But are they getting FIT using their phone? . ET (Elizabeth Trindade) Says NO! They are most likely hanging their neck down and this is causing low back pain and neck pain too. Forget about the wrinkles in the neck. That is a given. ET, says get FIT on your phone and learn how to not have TEXT Neck, a Flat Ass or even worse LOW Back Pain. 
The Club will offer:
Free Monthly Regime
Free Exercise of The Month
Free FASTER FIT Weekly Newsletter.
Subscription to The DAILY F.A.S.T.E.R. Fit Workouts
30 Minute Spinally Fit Classes $10.00 currently (Limited Attendance of 20)
PERSONAL TRAINING too. 15 Minutes to help one get on track and get to their FIT GOALS. Less time, Less money.  is              Personal Trainers are right now are about $50 up to $100.00 in certain areas of the country. In our Online Club it              is $35.00 and you save time and money using your phone, at home, on the road, in a car or a motel.
WEIGHT TO EAT Meetings and this is The RollerSizeRs way of helping our clients understand how, when, why and what to eat to help them lose weight FASTER and in less TIME.
So, 2020, a year to see things more clear as we become more JET SET and TIME aware that getting FIT does not mean ‘Waisting’ (Spell Check WASTING) TIME.

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Why would you use a weight when you have a head?

So you have a “Head” it weighs 10 pounds (Maybe some of you 12). You have a neck, that is fragile (lots of stuff runs through it, valuable to thinking)  and actually the neck  gets hurt easily a lot in fitness. If the neck is  not supported correctly or held right there is added strain to not only the neck but the back. So when I see a trainer in a gym give a dumbbell to a client to hold on their chest so they have more resistance, I just want to get sick.  I just shake my head and roll my eyes and think “Certified” to ruin the cervical part of the neck. What a HEAD trip for me as an instructor.

Unless you are training for body building or you want a big thick neck, you do NOT need to add weights to a AB and waist workout. In fact the “Head” is TOO heavy. It is best to start by sitting up and slowly go back till you fill your ABS. You own head will be held by your ABS. NOT the other way around.

Even putting you hands behind the head makes it heavier! Get the “Head” out of the AB workout and allow the spine to bend, twist, crunch, sinch and do what the spine and core are suppose to do. The ABS are to look good. look sexy and cut and give you great posture. Speaking of CUT,  If we could just cut OFF the “HEAD”, we would be able to work the core easier! So, what is my point? When you sail a ship and you get a “HEAD” wind, it takes a little longer to get where you are going. I use  The RollerSizeR to hold the “HEAD” and help the neck support the weight of the “HEAD”. It takes the “HEAD” out of the AB workout so the ABS can get the workout they need. So “SET” sail and “CUT” the waist and WAKE UP with your core routine.

Hold Your HEAD