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A New Fitness Device That is A Gym In A Bag

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Day #5 of 365 Days of Fit “The Fat Burning Walk” with The RollerSizeR®

Walking is good for all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. But walking uses the legs. The way to make walking more Intense go up a hill, walk faster or add some hand weights. I have even seen belts that you can wrap around your waist and stretchy cords come out of it and you can grap the handles and use your upper body to enhance your lower body walking workout.

What about about the Treadmill or  Elliptical, they were created for those that #1 do not want to go outside and deal with the elements and the Elliptical was invented for low lower body impact with upper body movement built into how the machine works! Indoors or Outdoors you can take your RollerSizeR on a Treadmill (Indoors) and or create a Elliptical “Feeling” (Outdoors). Walk like a “Egyptian” with your RollerSizeR®. Great music to use too when you go for your RollerSizeR walk! Arms Straight! and look straight ahead 🙂 Make History on your facebook “WALL”!


RollerSizeR come with a DVD and  a F.A.S.T.E.R. Workout  Card!

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Day #2 of The 365 Days of Fit with It, The RollerSizeR®!

The Ab Truth is this, I really do NOT like doing crunches! But I do like that burn in my belly when I get the connection. This particular exercise with The RollerSizer, I like as I feel the work FAST. I also like it because I do not have to get down on the ground to do it. But, in the sample video shot, I am on the ground.

I sort of like fitness to be Super Accessible, convenient!  Fitness that is easy to do, that gets results fast and feel you feel the magic! There are so many Convenient Stores, Snack Machines, Soda Machines, Quick Stop Vendors, Drive Up Windows and well, you get where I am going?

Fitness needs to be FAST, EASY, QUICK and SUPER “Convenient” or you will just drive on by to the next most easy way to get your FOOD fix! But, what about your “FIT FIX”. Who is going to make it easy for you? You! Make decisions for fitness that work for you, your lifestyle and make it FAST and Easy! If you do three minutes of strength, stretch or something that makes you sweat, each day, make it simple and make it FIT it into your life, you will, after just one week FEEL the FIT feeling.. and I only hope you get the groove.. into you “C” Curve. 😉
That being said, this exercise of Day #2 of The 365 Days of Fitness, will FIT your needs. The is waiting for you to make it easy and to make you FIT with IT!

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I am going to say it like it is! Fit Truth Hurts & So does a Good Workout!

From Dancer to Trainer. I have been a One To One and group instructor for nearly 28 years. I have stories, lessons and thoughts that would make clients spin, trainers listen up and the fitness world to get real! My blog is the truth about fitness, exercises, machines and you name it! This is going to be like a cleansing for me to finally say stuff that I would like to say in public!

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Working on my first post about my fat abs…

RollerSizeR Pull Ups


well… never happened. Why? Because I was sick that I allowed my flat stomach, me, personal trainer extraordinaire had turned into the round blubber babe and heading straight into menopause. I was on a crash course to frumpy and fifty! Yes, I allowed my own body to go to fat hell and there was no forgiveness for my bad behavior. Even my close friend Mindy, of The Running Center, looked at me with a tilted head and said “Oh Lizzie, what happened?” I began to tell her I put a Nail In My Eye (That is now three years ago), still recovering from my divorce ( thirteen years ago), my kids are stressing me out, work is not working out and I had a friend that turned into a wild, spitting, psycho and I went into hiding to stay safe and fat. There were other excuses too, I got them from my clients 🙂

So, what is the Absolute Truth? I got fat because I love wine! Alcohol is liquid sweets! So here is the post. The post I should have written a year ago! Post this. If you put too much of anything in your mouth it is heading to your butt, your thighs and your belly!

The solution? Too much of anything going into your mouth will end up around your middle.