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A New Fitness Device That is A Gym In A Bag

365 Days of Fitness with The RollerSizeR® and Lizzie!

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I use to train in homes, in apartments, in a classroom and taught Strollercize® in Central Park for nearly 20 years! Now 28 years later, I am training on-line with The RollerSizeR® and hopefully you.

You name the fitness device, the gadget, the machine, the exercises, the rep, the set, the client, the issue, let’s just say this, I can train someone with a shoe string! But, when The RollerSizeR happened, the gates of fitness heaven OPENED and I was SAVED (My Back, My Legs, My Chest, you name it, I found Fitness Redemption!).

It all started like this, I was in serious pain from an injury in a INDOOR Strollercize® class where for whatever reason, I dropped to the floor in front of my class. I had dislocated my right hip and I fell to the ground in front of my Strollercize Moms.  That was it, I crossed over to the older and injured and I was still under 50 😦

Being an alignment trainer (That is why I name my first first business Aline Fitness, as I was a type rope walker and you need to walk “A Line” and one has to have perfect posture to do so! Being injured and in serious pain, once the hip popped back in and I used a POGP stick to get around, I knew that I had to keep moving, have good posture, do not stop working out and a positive attitude was  key to getting back to moving and teaching my classes and let alone caring for the three kids. At the time of the injury, I was teaching in Central Park and my body was so important to me for my work! So to help my hip, I got a scooter and that helped strengthen my hips and I was happy. I scoot today in NYC and now in Seattle! I also had to ice, stretch and before any sport, I had to do a warm up about ten minutes, maybe 20 minutes before I even did the workout, golf or play tennis. My ego was shot! I was so proud to be fit, thin, no pain, no gain (Fat and Rolls) and there I was grabbing my back with my hand and looking like a bad back commercial! The pain was the worst was when I was teaching an exercise class for ladies a “Bit” older than myself in a Bonita Springs Country Club. I could barely get to the ground without pain.  When I went to demonstrate an ab exercise or stretch, I would wince getting to the floor! I could not let them see me struggle. Come on, I was the Big Shot, NYC trainer!  Was I not super fit? I was but I had a bad hip and tight lower back, due to my injury. So. I would be professional and smile and endure the pain and get to the floor and sometimes, just stay there!

Fast forward to today. I am pain free and much older but, The RollerSizeR®  is now a toddler in the fitness world. It has been around for a couple of years, but do to life and another injury ( Oh Please, I am sound like a fitness victum), but hey, it is adversity that makes us stronger, Right? The DVD tells that story, I just can’t as I am so far beyond that and that is why I am here with you, to show you 365 days of fitness with IT, The RollerSizer®. The road with The RollerSizeR® has been Scenes Of Struggle (Where are my Strollercize Moms!) so difficult that I have actually gotten stronger in my mind, my soul and let’s just say my spirit is soaring high with excitement with the future of fitness. Fitness is going to open it arms to The RollerSizer® and I am going to hand it to all those that fall in love with it on a silver plate. This tool, this exercise gadget is As Good As It Gets for Fitness!  I know one thing for sure, I have been around a long time in fitness, a super, super long time! I am like the Modanna of Dance, The  Tina Turner of Marriage, I am the Cher of the Song World, I am Jane Fonda after her workouts, I am Richard Simmon’s alter EGO, I was the personal trainer to Anthony Quinn and was Henry Kissinger’s “Right” hand personal trainer for eleven years! But, first and foremost, I am Strollercize and I am a MOM that has dedicated my life to MOMS! I love my MOMS. Everyone of them and they are in my heart. They will be a part of my 365 Days. Lizzie is Crazy (So they say!), Lizzie is serious. Lizzie was wife a couple of times, a girlfriend many times, a friend to many, a daughter and MOM and now your on-line, You Tube, Blogger, Facebook, Fitness Guru going Rouge on you! I am going to let it out, let it loose, tighten it up and throw it back at you! I am going to make you think twice and make you naughty and get you nice and fit with IT, The RollerSizeR®.

But, it is NOT just that it is 365 days, it is that at this time in my life, I need a place to go to work, to train as I am currently in Seattle. I am taking care of my 88 year old Dad. So, I can’t teach like I use to or have that freedom to just leave and help a client or commit to a schedule. Becuase my new client, is my DAD. He may be part of my 365 days, if he can, wants to and or is NOT dosing! But mostly, I will be training YOU!  I will look into the camera, I will see my Strollercize Moms, I will see, my New York City Clients (You know who you are…), I will see the Women of Worthington in Bonita Springs, I will see those that I trained in my personal training gym, Aline Fitness, Inc. in NYC. I will see my kids who constantly make fun of MOM’s dreams.  I will also see those that think, I am on a “Lizzie Wagon” or should just…use a “Dumb Towel” to replace the RollerSizeR. No WAY! No How and I will prove that there is NOTHING better in fitness than this ONE “Dog Looking Toy” that will take a bite our of your ASS, Tug at your Tummy and make The “Dog Walk” a sweat of a good time and trust me you will be Pooped! There is NO device in all my years as a trainer that does it like The RollerSizeR® (Ok, Ok, I love weight training and no The RollerSIzeR only wight half a pound and you need weight training!) The RollerSizeR® is all about F.A.S.T.E.R: Fat Loss, Ab Toning, Stretch, Thinner Thighs, Extremely Fun and Releases The Range in you! You should NOT, Not ever live or Workout Without Your RollerSizeR®.

Welcome to 365 Days with your new on-line trainer, Lizzie and The RollerSizeR® Your Best Fit Friend!


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Working on my first post about my fat abs…

RollerSizeR Pull Ups


well… never happened. Why? Because I was sick that I allowed my flat stomach, me, personal trainer extraordinaire had turned into the round blubber babe and heading straight into menopause. I was on a crash course to frumpy and fifty! Yes, I allowed my own body to go to fat hell and there was no forgiveness for my bad behavior. Even my close friend Mindy, of The Running Center, looked at me with a tilted head and said “Oh Lizzie, what happened?” I began to tell her I put a Nail In My Eye (That is now three years ago), still recovering from my divorce ( thirteen years ago), my kids are stressing me out, work is not working out and I had a friend that turned into a wild, spitting, psycho and I went into hiding to stay safe and fat. There were other excuses too, I got them from my clients 🙂

So, what is the Absolute Truth? I got fat because I love wine! Alcohol is liquid sweets! So here is the post. The post I should have written a year ago! Post this. If you put too much of anything in your mouth it is heading to your butt, your thighs and your belly!

The solution? Too much of anything going into your mouth will end up around your middle.